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Privacy Statement
Welcome to the website of “CYCU International Master Program of Business Administration Alumni” (hereby referred as the website). In order for you to use the service and information of the website, please read the following privacy policies to protect your rights.

1. The Scope of Privacy Protection Policy
The content of privacy protection policy includes how to manage the personal identification information gathered while you use the service of the website. The privacy protection policy does not apply to the related website connections beyond the website and the personnel not assigned or managed by the website.

2. Information Gathering and Their Usage
In order to provide you the best interactive service in the website, the website might ask you to provide the following information:
.The website will keep your name, e-mail address, contact method, and the time used while you use the service, survey and other interactive functions.
.In normal browsing, the server will automatically record the relevant path including the IP address of the connection equipment, the time used, the browser, the browsing records, etc. for our internal usage as a reference for the service improvement. The information will not be revealed to the outside.
.In order to provide precise service, we will gather survey information and conduct statistical analysis, the result will be shown in statistical data or descriptive words for internal research and to publicize statistical data and descriptive words but those will not involve specific personal information.
.Unless you authorize or other specific legal rules, the website will not reveal your information to the third person or use the information for other purposes beyond the data gathering purpose.
.Because the website adopts interactive community service, all the information you update in your own area will become the information source for other members in the system to recognize so please think carefully whether to fill or to publicize. The website is responsible only for the basic information such as account name and password, all others are written and publicized by individual user. Once you write and publicize that means you agree to release the information to be publicized in the systm.
3、The Protection of Information
.The mainframe computer of the website has firewall and anti-virus system as necessary security protection measures to tightly protect the website and your personal information. Only a few authorized people could access your personal information and those people have signed nondisclosure agreement. If they breach the nondisclosure agreement, they will be punished according to the law.
. If there are necessary business needs to ask the website to provide services, the website will ask them to obey the nondisclosure obligation and take necessary examination steps to make sure they follow the rule.

4、The External Connections of the Website
The website provides the web pages to other websites for connections. You also could connect other websites through connections from the website. But the privacy protection policy does not apply to the connection so you need to refer to the privacy protection policy of connecting websites.

5、The Use of Cookie
In order to provide you the best service, the website will insert and use our Cookie in your computer. If you do not want the Cookie to be inserted, you could turn the privacy level in your web browser to the highest level, then the Cookie will be rejected to insert but that will cause some functions of the website not normal function.

6、The Revision of Privacy Protection Policy
The website privacy protection will be revised according to the needs and the revised articles will be issued in the website.

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