(1)Professional Classroom :

(Classroom Management 402b,Classroom Management 403, Management 419 meeting rooms, business center 103 e-banking, business banking license 108 test centers, business capital center seminar room and library area):Management 402b 403 419 Professional Business School classrooms and conference room is open all day to borrow.

(2)Graduate Research (Commerce B05):

The Student Research Program at the interior planning of public discussion forum for students to discuss academic life interactive use.

(2) Research: Business B05, 30 individual seats

(3) Manufacturers Information Center

There are information retrieval area (can accommodate up to 10 people), conference room (up to 8 people) and seminar rooms (up to 6 people), and offers three international databases for use by students (Macroeconomics Indicators Database (TEJ), IMF International Financial Statistics Databank, FOREX International Financial Markets Statistical Databank and INTLINE International Macroeconomic Statistical Databank).

2.Schools may use the space

(1 )International Student Fellowship Space: Office of Student Affairs’ Overseas Student Guidance Section “actively seek planning in 
(2) Library: Provides approximately _36, 565_ Business Studies related books English books (including audio-visual materials) and several international databases (EBSCOhost, Datastream, DialogBusiness) 
(3) Quarters:

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