HE! Zhongyuan International Exhibition of Inventions of Ukraine

Zhongyuan University of Ukraine this year for the first time to participate in the International Exhibition of Inventions , exhibits outstanding performance, all winners , won 3 gold , 2 silver and good results ! Ninth " Ukraine International Exhibition of Inventions ," a total of 37 countries , 580 entries from Taiwanese delegation works with 172 participants ; exhibits…

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HE! Taipei International Invention Show Plains won 4 gold, 1 bronze

September 26 to September 29 at the Taipei World Trade Center, presented " 2013 Taipei International Invention Show & technology trade show ," the school district in the invention of outstanding patent race , winning 4 gold and 1 bronze certainly for this year competition University won the " Gold Medal " the largest number of school. " 2013 Taipei…

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Taiwan MICE Central building hosting the meeting won Bronze

Taiwan MICE industry's highest honor - the "Taiwan MICE" September 11 morning at a ceremony hosted by the Christian University "International Industrial Heritage Preservation Commission 2012 Fifteenth General Assembly and Symposium (TICCIH CONGRESS 2012), come to the fore obtain meeting class (B) bronze Medal recognition, which is the only one of all the winning projects and cultural class international conferences.…

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