HE! Zhongyuan International Exhibition of Inventions of Ukraine

Zhongyuan University of Ukraine this year for the first time to participate in the International Exhibition of Inventions , exhibits outstanding performance, all winners , won 3 gold , 2 silver and good results ! Ninth ” Ukraine International Exhibition of Inventions ,” a total of 37 countries , 580 entries from Taiwanese delegation works with 172 participants ; exhibits all the award-winning faculty and students , is very exciting , but also inspire future students ‘ willingness to participate in the International Exhibition of Inventions .

Officials said that the Department of Chemical Engineering Professor Zhang Yong gold medal of the patent ” anticoagulated blood leukocyte filters less ” now apply for the United States, Taiwan and Chinese patent medicine can be used in the future to reduce transfusion process, capture blood contact material cause coagulation phenomenon , to achieve safe blood transfusion demands .

Department of Electronics, Professor Huang Shixu gold medal of the patent ” register the peak current control method ,” has obtained ROC patent , U.S. Pat.

Already in the application , with the transistor size reduction , increased design complexity , the peak current is generated all the reliability issues have become high-performance integrated circuit design considerations necessary , thus the present invention will have a very wide range of industrial application .

Department of Chemistry, Professor Zheng Jianye win the gold medal of the patent ” enzyme electrode and its manufacturing method ” in the U.S. and Taiwan patents are pending , after the commercialization of medical diagnosis can be widely used , personal home care , food and biotechnology -related industries , and its vast market making commercial value will be billions of dollars.

In addition , the Health department , Professor Professor Wu Zongyuan patent ” a chimeric area of internal ribosome entry sequence and its purpose ” and an associate professor of mechanical engineering department Li Youzhang patented “high- efficiency light-emitting diode fabrication method ” works won silver medal ; including Li Youzhang Associate Professor of patent work has been granted a U.S. patent , the patent can be imprinted polymer materials of different refractive index or inorganic material in the surface light emitting diodes , the display will cycle refractive index 1.76 micro / nano-structures built on GaN light emitting diodes GaN surface than conventional light-emitting diodes emitting efficiency above 50% will be applied to future technology industry .

Zhongyuan University of academia total operating center (http://eocia.cycu.edu.tw/) that lasted for many years to encourage school students to participate in the International Exhibition of Inventions competition , following the ” 2013 Taipei International Invention Show & Technical Trading Exhibition” contest area participating universities this year won the gold medal after the maximum number of schools , the Exhibition of Inventions of Ukraine won 3 gold, 2 silver and then good results , winning rate is high gold content of the university.

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