HE! Taipei International Invention Show Plains won 4 gold, 1 bronze

September 26 to September 29 at the Taipei World Trade Center, presented ” 2013 Taipei International Invention Show & technology trade show ,” the school district in the invention of outstanding patent race , winning 4 gold and 1 bronze certainly for this year competition University won the ” Gold Medal ” the largest number of school.

” 2013 Taipei International Invention Show & Technical Trading Exhibition” has the world’s 21 countries, this year’s total of about 700 companies, nearly a thousand booths , more access to the world’s major inventions exhibition organizers and inventor associations, such as Poland, Malaysia , Russia, Japan, Thailand, South Korea and other support, and related inventions led units and inventors to Taiwan exhibitors, with a sizable Asian International Exhibition of Inventions .

The competition categories are divided into 11 categories , a total of 596 entries . School 12 exhibitors shared the four patents gold, 1 bronze works , dazzling achievements than in previous years , Chung Yuan Christian University shows continued progress in research on energy .

Department of Chemistry, Professor Cai Zongyan a ” status modified type layer materials and not unsaturated polyester nanocomposites materials “, ” type modified clay and clay – polymer composite materials ,” two entries from patented technology , won two gold impressive ; the exhibition period Tsai works display, significantly improved the yacht surface threaded India phenomenon and enhance its heat resistance, mechanical properties , can reduce the yacht applied for a substantial amount of labor cost and after-sales maintenance costs , access to vendor site asked the highest popularity, follow-up research will be expected to make the cost of Taiwan’s yacht industry concurrently with nature and enhance international competitiveness.

In addition, the Department of Mechanical Engineering Professor Ding Yong as ” hybrid transducer ” patent the judges affirmed the value of this technique is a piezoelectric rotary motor having a larger torque output , relative to the general use of DC and AC motors , in addition to still have pressure electric motor characteristics, their smaller size and some special shapes, spatial installations to meet certain special environment. At present, the patent has been approved by the U.S. and the ROC patent application and industrialization of the future will be able to combine .

Department of Electronic Engineering Professor Zhong Wenyao in integrated circuit research energy continued innovation, the order ” a wide range of current sensors the signal read out circuit ” Patent won the gold medal , the technology can be used for blood glucose , uric acid , cholesterol, alcohol concentration and other home care regular or rapid detection of applications, with practical and market potential . In addition, Professor Zhong Wenyao the ” constant voltage constant current floating gate readout circuit ” also won the bronze medal patent affirmed.

School -cum- industry-university patent technology transfer center operations that lasted for many years to encourage school students to participate in the International Exhibition of Inventions contest , to show the strength of research and innovation and sophistication sync with industry ; exhibition booth during the vendor to inquire about our patented technology and industry-university exchanges hot network scenario , the venue is more potential to promote industry-university cooperation opportunities. The future of the center will continue to actively matching the link between academia and industry , and promote the industrial application of research techniques and vendor highlights opportunities for upgrading and restructuring .

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