Taiwan MICE Central building hosting the meeting won Bronze

Taiwan MICE industry’s highest honor – the “Taiwan MICE” September 11 morning at a ceremony hosted by the Christian University “International Industrial Heritage Preservation Commission 2012 Fifteenth General Assembly and Symposium (TICCIH CONGRESS 2012), come to the fore obtain meeting class (B) bronze Medal recognition, which is the only one of all the winning projects and cultural class international conferences. “Taiwan MICE” the jury felt that hosting this meeting a deep indicator of significance, can successfully won the bid, the Central Plains Department of Architecture contributed, in addition, the meeting in Taiwan contributed to preservation of cultural assets, meeting practice green exhibition concept, it is appreciated.

TICCIH Conference held every three years, moved to Asia last year for the first time in Taiwan, handling, rich and innovative activities to obtain all relevant units at home and abroad participants unanimously affirmed. Meanwhile, for the first time for people from 25 countries interested in preservation of cultural assets, experts and scholars, recognizing the preservation of the past decade in Taiwan achievements and cultural beauty, but also opened the opportunity for future international cooperation and exchange.

Overall event planning, focusing on the link, the promotion and integration of three parts. In addition to a wealth of academic exchanges, through this conference will be held, so that the domestic industry, government and academia together to focus on domestic status, build consensus, and expand international academic and professional horizons. In addition, it handled through a series of activities, including international workshops, lesson plans for selection and exhibition of achievements as well as the text in the Huashan 1914 Creative Park organized industrial cultural heritage exhibition, will deliver the concept of cultural heritage preservation industry to the public, as a sustainable future basis. The itinerary will be interim arrangements depth visits northern, central and southern parts of the industrial and cultural assets, and appreciate the traditional drum circle, north tube, modern opera performances and experience the tea ceremony, bando culture, even more so attendees memorable. Finally, the meeting of the Asian industrial cultural heritage of regional cooperation forum with TICCIH Association jointly issued “Taipei Declaration”, it is indeed elevate Taiwan “industrial culture” of international visibility and professional contacts hub in Asia, and to promote Taiwan promote the work of the World Heritage-related links.

TICCIH Conference Preparatory Committee, Assistant Professor, School of Architecture Lin Xiaowei ( Top left ) said: ” The event at the Department of Cultural Assets Bureau and other relevant units , multi- school co-operation with civil society organizations , the successful completion of many possible initiative, but also thanks to the full support of Zhongyuan University officials to have such excellent results , but also look forward to be able to introduce more international resources to expand influence . ” but mainly by our service team consisting of students , fluent in foreign languages ​​and friendly enthusiastic attitude , leaving the participants felt the enthusiasm and vitality of young students .

Just at the beginning of September in the Xihu Sugar “organized by the Cultural Landscape sugar iron industry forward regeneration planning International Workshop “, which is a continuation of general consensus and continue to promote the exchange of preservation regeneration activities start. The three invited foreign lecturers have participated in the General Assembly last year , but this came to Taiwan as well as the preservation of student creativity and attitude and are highly impressed . I believe the future will be a good basis for the next General Assembly to promote the establishment of a more active domestic and cross-strait industrial heritage network with Asia , sustained nurturing professionals, for preservation and regeneration work, so that our academic and cultural exchanges in international play a key role in creating more fruitful.

( Note : 102 Prize exhibition in Taiwan News : http://news.cetra.org.tw/News.asp?id=618757&url =% 2FDefault.asp)

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