Chung Yuan Christian University in Taiwan media reports ─ visiting Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Coverage Media : MBA Global Network Nancy Date: April 27 102 years

April 24, 2013 , Chung Yuan Christian University in Taiwan Liu Lilun Dean , Department of Business Administration Hu Yizhong director , Professor Zhu Cheng Ming , Li Yushi division teachers and 15 students Zhongyuan University EMBA Northern line to the exchange of learning . MBA Center in Northern New Main Building A618 held a brief welcoming ceremony , Economics and Management Dean Professor Wang Huiwen , graduate guidance counselor Dr. Mou Hui , MBA director of the Center Bo Ying full professors, associate professors and Qinzhong Feng , deputy director of MBA class of 2012 students attended part welcoming ceremony. Welcome After the meeting, the two sides leading institutions for the exchange meeting on the future may be reached between the two colleges and many other multi -level cooperation were discussed , Chung Yuan Christian University leaders also visited the college experimental center.

24 afternoon, party secretary of the college Professor Liu Zhixin Speaker “”Our country ‘s monetary policy .”” Professor Liu Zhixin from the general monetary policy to monetary policy evaluation and analysis to our current problems and challenges faced , from theory to practice , and many other layman’s language for the students to analyze monetary policy and macro-economic interactions.

25 morning, administered by the College Dean Professor Wang Huiwen for the students to do “” data analysis methods application experience ,”” the seminar . Professor Wang Huiwen actual data processing experience, from the establishment of a new topic , and then to refine the problem to the data of the basic methods, and data processing of large data in the present context of new developments in data processing , the system for the students to explain the data analysis methods applications, through fresh case allows students to experience the charm of data processing .

Afternoon, SEM Fang Weiguo , vice president , Mou Hui, Director of Postgraduate Supervision Office led to the Beijing Guardian Industrial Investment Group visits by the Group CEO Huang Xiaohua , engineering and cost management center Xiexue Long , general manager , deputy general manager Zhang Dekui hospitality . Chung Yuan Christian University and Northern classmates on the Group’s business development and future direction of development and present some of the problems faced and Huang share a unique idea. Huang also made ​​a thorough and detailed questions answers . Meanwhile, Chung Yuan Christian University , and an MBA student at Northern New Main Building A618 listened Northern College of Economics and Management secretary Professor Liu Zhixin , entitled “”Our country ‘s monetary policy ,”” the wonderful lectures.

On the 25th night, the college ‘s general aviation industry , Associate Professor Director of the Center for the students of high ocean bring “” China General Aviation – industry development and business opportunities ,”” the wonderful lectures. He Ya’an from 4.20 earthquake relief played an important role in the Aeronautical Rescue talk introduces the modern aviation industry , which leads to the development of general aviation in China is huge topic , and the current development situation of China’s general aviation judge , introduced to the students how to promote regional aviation development, planning and construction of general aviation and general aviation industrial park investment opportunities .

While visiting Taiwan, Chung Yuan Christian University just two days, but through a series of activities , both sides colleges and students have a more in-depth understanding of the two institutions in the future will further promote greater respect and deeper cooperation .

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