Youth Public Participation Issues Research Grants Management

Associate Professor, Department of Information Management Graduate Luo Huiling Wu Chao-ming guided by the National Youth Commission in 2008 won the “Youth Public Participation Issues ” Research Grants National First Prize ! 95 Department of Information Management , Information Management 97 alumni Luo Huiling this as ” service- learning to reduce youth involvement Perspective International Digital Divide ─ Malawi AIDS medical information system into teaching, for example ,” the title, won the country’s only Class A evaluation, and received the highest award grants of $ 50,000 and again proved Zhongyuan University of promoting ” service learning ” effective !

Youth Commission Youth Public Participation Academy organized ” Youth Public Participation Issues ” Research Award , Luo Huiling participate in one of the ” international youth participation in the specific case of public discussion and research ” category , the results obtained in the review “A” praise, is the most outstanding achievement by . December 20th in NYC “2008 Taiwan Youth Community Action Plan , published Symposium” by the National Youth Commission chairman Wang Yu -ting ( shown left ) personally presented awards to Luo Huiling ( above right ) , and many other awards to help persons .

Luo Huiling (below left) is currently working in E. Sun Bank Electronic Banking Department, for the guidance of Professor Chao-Ming Wu teacher (below right), full of gratitude and thanks. She modestly said: “People of my country a child growing up, you can get a lot of resources to study stage, learning many new things, really thank a lot of people; particular teacher Wu Chao-ming led me not only in school, but after I left campus , still gives me a lot of advice and enlighten. “

Because the relationship between growth environment, to develop good habits Luo Huiling hard for people around, and things are often “empathy” active care. She attended school at universities, research institutes, participated in a lot of information on educational programs, large-scale project planning, as well as website building work; including Malawi “Friends ‧ Love ‧ owned” digital service group, the Thai-Myanmar border Mae Tao Clinic Digital Opportunity center, the Thai-Myanmar border information education of children, and domestic summer camp in remote areas …… and so on. Luo Huiling Yuan Christian University alumni spent six brilliant school career, the future will continue to contribute significantly to society and benefit more people!

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