High Plains alumni promote cultural diplomacy Songming

Department of Information Management, Chung Yuan Christian University alumni high Songming first session at the end of 2009 the Czech Republic won the ” outstanding contribution to the Medal ” , to thank him for his many years actively promote Czech culture. In 2006, he has also won the national award ” Friends of National Award” , was the first win of the Taiwanese . High Songming currently operate a cultural café Taichung , he Plains alumni proud of being and emphasized Christian University ” truthfulness Diligence ” spirit , is an important influence in his life beliefs .

Czech Republic on November 17, 2009 at Grand Hyatt Taipei held a National Day dinner with 20th anniversary celebrations from the Iron Curtain , will award medals for the country in the active and friendly international people , by the Czech Representative to Taiwan Mr. Du Yuejie personally awarded the ” outstanding contribution to the Medal ” to the University Department of Information Management 80 alumni high Songming , and praised the high Songming : “For the Czech Republic ‘s history, culture, especially the Czech people , full of intense love ! and he keep his promise , completion of the ” Czech classic ” this world’s first complete presentation of the Czech Republic in Chinese history, culture, art, and the people of the book ” after the meeting , China’s Foreign Minister also formally issued to the high Songming , for him to actively promote citizen diplomacy , to pay tribute and gratitude .
High Songming said that the award can be obtained in addition to re- affirmation of our international friends , and more importantly, to promote the cultural essence of citizen diplomacy is that he has been doing for many years , although I feel hardships along the way , but let the world also able to recognize Taiwan culture.

In fact , this is the third time to accept high Songming praise the Czech Republic . November 2004 he received the former Czech president Vaclav Havel met personally praise ; May 2006 was invited to Prague, with the former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright , the Khmer kings , the Holy See and other international celebrities along with Cardinal was awarded the ” National Award of Friends ” This shows that the height of the Czech Republic for his courtesy and attention.

After graduation worked as bookstore manager , merchandising store manager, as well as high-tech optical communications business manager of high Songming , busy work over the years , has been quietly promoting cultural aspects of citizen diplomacy . For Europe , the United States has a strong interest in Japanese culture , he will be interested in the ideal combination of high-tech upstart quit his enviable job , return home in 2004 in Taichung entrepreneurs set up a ” vibrant cafe culture ” , continuing to further deepen his most beloved cultural exchange activities.

High Songming strive to create their own business into a cafe with international art platform for cultural exchange, in addition to creation of “Vibrant Lecture”, also often invited academic institutions in the country at all levels, businesses, communities do “deep cultural tours in Europe” and “classical music appreciation ‘speech, and often served as accompanying instructor-led people to Europe and Japan in-depth cultural tours.

High Songming repeatedly visited the Czech Republic and Central regions, a large amount of independent research articles and take many precious photos. He was deeply Czech touched by history and culture, and he make friends in the Czech Republic are also offered him a source of inspiration and motivation. February 2009, he published his first books ─ “Czech classics,” was invited to be held at the Taipei International Book Fair book signings, book and get ─ former Czech president Vaclav Havel Mr. ‧ personally recommend preface written by domestic academic and tourism attention.
February 2009 to begin in early 2010, the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Council for Cultural Cooperation held in “Czech Treasures” exhibition toured the country, high Songming invited to serve as volunteers around the exhibition area navigation trainers, and presided over the site navigation and seminars, volunteers and visitors to navigate the public are able to more in-depth understanding of Czech culture.

“In the Central Plains interdisciplinary learning to improve their competitiveness .”

For they have the opportunity to walk States to promote cultural exchanges , high school Songming special thanks in the Central Plains during the lay foundation of language . Department of International Trade , he went to the senior elective Luo Yitai teacher French lessons and Huang Hailun Spanish teacher ; it can not satisfy his intense curiosity for foreign cultures , and then retired to Providence University Extension Center learning German , and Japanese ; recently, he also hired someone to teach him and his wife began to learn Czech ; him a total of six kinds of foreign languages ​​learned , studious spirit is admirable, ” interdisciplinary learning ” also made him more competitive !

“This is never dreamed of what happens ! ” High Songming said, because often an eye-opener to go abroad , let him make many foreign friends, also exposed to many anecdotes . He believes that although English is the most important foreign language, but if we have other language skills , absolutely make himself considerably in the workplace and in life ! In particular, his language in the learning process , you can gradually understand that language of the hidden culture and nationality , and thus expand their worldview.

Department of Information Management , he graduated from the first session , is still with the department and the family keeps getting good interaction. He belongs ” 22 & 39 Joint Family” is from the first session of the 23th to now still keep in touch with family , the number has been up to 90 people , and agreed annually in October in ” Alumni Day” back to his alma mater gathering “This should Chung Yuan Christian University in Taiwan can be considered and the higher education sector , another miracle ! ” purpose tube high Songming deeply proud of the family unity !

High Songming says, ” 22 & 39 joint family ” is tantamount to a ” human database” , all walks of alumni have, we support each other ; not only within the family , for the entire Department of Information Management juniors demand high Songming always enthusiastic assistance he was very happy when contact window for juniors who find the best resources and piping .

For the Central Plains alma mater , high Songming heart full of gratitude and remembrance . Particularly impressed that Luo Yitai teacher ” Data Structures” and Liu Shihao teacher “System Analysis” course , to develop his ability to integrate logic and analysis ; universities to join Shao Kong Screen jogging team founded by teachers , so that he ran 5,000 meters to develop exercise habits , not only for their own workplace reserves the physical , but also exercise self- willpower approach.

In each case, high Songming alumni likes proudly say: “I am a Christian University graduate ! ” Honors ceremony in the Czech Republic , he is also the stage loud propaganda Chung Yuan Christian University . It is worth mentioning that his brother also graduated from high school Song Yue Department of Electronics , Inc. is currently LIVERAGE ‘s CEO, and served as president of the Taiwan Optical Communication Industry Alliance , quite excellent . High Songming said the Central Plains alumni highly rated in the industry , the Central Plains people compressive resistance, excellent professionalism is well known .
“Christian University is really cute, I cherish this fate,” Gao Song confessed he likes as long as the opportunity to return to his alma mater and the school siblings interact personal knowledge that he is willing to unconditionally share with juniors, he also said that if you want to alma mater and the Czech Republic or Slovakia, academic exchanges and cooperation with other units, he was very happy to help pull strings, he would in their own areas of expertise, in their own way back to his alma mater, nurtured by this!

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