HE! Visiting Professor, Department of Business Administration

Currently a visiting professor at the School of Business Administration Wang Dadong Adjunct teacher, well-known catering sector in the mainland, was revered as the “Father of Chinese KFC” and “Father of Chinese fast food industry,” In particular, he is the school’s civil engineering 57 alumni successfully fought business! Wang Dadong teacher in the late 60 United States to study MBA, approved by the U.S. Stevens Institute of Technology (Stevens Institute of Technology) Master of Management Science, the school in recognition of its outstanding performance in the industry food chain, especially in 2013 April award of its “Outstanding Alumni Award” ─ overseas achievement Award, for his cause on the highest respect!

Department of Business Administration students like Wang Dadong teacher nickname as ” the Big East Teacher ” ( left ) , from his Futai appearance , that he is a food lover , it is an important international chain restaurant industry push hands. Wang Dadong teacher in 1987 successfully brought into Beijing KFC , KFC fast food is to introduce China ‘s first man to become diner springs. 2007 , the Forbidden City in China due to public pressure forcing out Starbucks coffee , find Wang Dadong teacher to help create FCC coffee (Forbidden City Cafe), providing Chinese -style tea and coffee , we can see its influence in China !

Wang Dadong teacher , now 70 years old , glorious experience in the catering industry , including : Global Vice Chairman of Northeast Asia , China director of the food web , Beijing Rogers (Kenny Rogers) , chairman of the Asian chain of investment companies (FICA) CEO , Beijing Kefi ice cream company chairman , U.S. FOODMARKER INC. (JAKE IN THE BOX) International president , U.S. WRGRACE Group food service company president , president of Chia Tai Group, catering services , the U.S. president , Asia Pacific, KFC , Beijing Yue Klipsch company chairman of the board and so on.

When he was studying civil engineering in the Central Plains , Wang Dadong teachers know their interests are not ” works” , but like people-related management aspects of the work , but then the education system so that he can not directly apply for MBA, graduate school had to go abroad ; Stevens Institute of Technology management science from the “scientific” perspective of the Institute of Management , the University with his engineering background Xiangqi. The school on April 6, 2013 Distinguished Alumni Award Ceremony was held for the first time (STEVENS AWARDS GALA), in recognition of 11 outstanding performance in various fields alumni , including the “International Achievement Award” winning only one teacher Wang Dadong , Wang Apart from stage to receive praise and share Psychology and award acceptance speech , get an enthusiastic response from the audience ! ( Figure a human right award the school principal Nariman Farvardin)

Wang Dadong teacher in this life toward business, management objectives efforts . Central Plains after graduation , his first job in Taipei, Taiwan, China and the United States jointly building a sales director , it can be said that the first case in Taiwan have ads DM condo sales case , he personally participated . Of expertise to develop , in addition to Stevens Institute of Technology MBA, he also entered the New York University School of Business, after studying Master in International Business Management courses to enrich their knowledge of business management , international efforts towards the commercial market development !

1987 , Wang Dadong successful introduction of Kentucky teacher beside Tiananmen Square in Beijing to open China ‘s first fast food chains , foreign media and even renting a satellite channel to broadcast all over the world simultaneously , as this shows that China ‘s determination to reform and opening up and accelerating the pace of foreign investment into China , Wang Dadong teacher therefore been dubbed the ” Father of Chinese KFC ” ! KFC on the Chinese food culture shock alone will not only catering “management” concept into the mainland , so that thousands of years of talk about ” cooking ” in China , began to see the ” food management” necessity , and spread his advocated “management” than “product” important concept .

In the United States , continental food and beverage industry , Wang Dadong teacher always played a pioneer , especially in the chain restaurant industry , he helped many brands bigger, then continue to transform the battlefield , challenge their own limits . He has been involved brands include American KFC, Ao odd -US joint venture , United States Wendy , United States Rogers , homemade music Hodges , Taiwan Sizzler …… and so on. ” Caught on the point in time , choose the right product .” Wang Dadong teacher is the key to success in the Kentucky introduce China before he had opened a restaurant in Tianjin has the experience , so a better understanding of the Chinese market than others , and also shows success does not happen overnight , there must be a considerable strength and preparation.

Became well-known in the restaurant industry more than thirty years later, Wang Dadong teacher ‘s commitment to keep on Mrs. ─ 60 -year-old retired to concentrate on his family . Thus, the end of his 11 career and consultancy work all begin to use later in life time experience to impart to the next generation . In addition to his MBA school teacher Wang Dadong Adjunct professor, professor- ” Retail Management Strategy” course , he was in China , Beijing Normal University Zhuhai Campus franchising School faculty , and create food and beverage management research center dedicated to food and beverage management education .This life across the seas, from engineering branched out into management, and in the food and beverage sector has a brilliant achievement, teacher Wang Dadong challenge not only themselves, but also conquered the mall. He suggested that the Central Plains juniors do not be realistic system or the environment constraints, have the opportunity to study abroad, Taiwanese “international outlook” his biggest concern is the lack of things. In addition, he invited young people should indeed according to their own “interests” to go, to be brave to pursue their own ideals, not the blind pursuit of worldly expectations and values​​, to do the things they are interested, just like him, if we continue to target will ultimately come out the right path!

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