Future Plans

A) Teaching focus:

( 1 ) nurturing both the breadth and depth of the middle and senior management talent : In addition to focus on the basics of the students’ professional training and executive courses determined by each department , and the importance of interdisciplinary learning, especially to strengthen financial, information and legal co-ordination and learning , and hope to introduce a variety of campus-wide programs , such as science and technology with the law, management , trade union or accounting courses, so that students can have a profound foundation cultivation, in order to adapt to a rapidly changing industry environment .

( 2 ) develop and strengthen students’ logical thinking and analytical skills.

( 3 ) creating an international learning environment, strengthening practical English teachers and teaching quality : improving students’ international outlook and overall concept, strengthen their language skills. TOFEL undergraduate at least 500 points , the Institute of 530-550 points, before they can graduate, or need to repair two more of the English -related courses .

( 4 ) strengthen the industry of e- discussion, such as the emphasis on commercial, financial and e- commerce , etc., and focus on teaching students the interactive network .

( 5 ) has gradually increased teacher-student ratio , looking forward to be able to recruit within three years of full-time teachers to eighty-five , the ratio of full-time teachers Ph.D. reach about 85%.

( 6 ) focus on practical experience to teach, instruct entrepreneurs as a business school counselor , and invited its alumni and practitioners who come to the school to impart ideas and experiences, and lectures .

( 7 ) to promote cross-strait academic exchanges and cooperation with China to strengthen cooperation between universities concrete .

( 8 ) Strengthening implementation of curriculum , wish to introduce students to the business community or the firm three months to one year internship program .

( 9 ) income doctoral and doctoral recruit full-time teachers Pipe Institute .

(B) research priorities :

( A ) within five years to reach the annual EI, SCI, SSCI and journals published thirty articles TSSCI goal .

( 2 ) to enhance professional ethics research : such as legal ethics, Trade ethics, accounting ethics research .

( 3 ) interdisciplinary , cross- area comprehensive research : such as international trade , and information management accounting, management and legal research .

( 4 ) to the integration of e-business as the core research groups , with multimedia classrooms and Internet , ERP Business School will enhance research, knowledge management , e-learning , Internet research and market integration .

( 5 ) improve the overall research environment , sophisticated research of various environmental and safety systems .

( 6 ) The establishment of a distinctive research centers, such as business ethics research center ; continent Research Centre ; financial law or scientific law research center.

( 7 ) actively promote cooperative education project.

( 8 ) Choushe publisher College or School Electronics.

( 9 ) to enhance the quality of graduate students : fiscal law intended to rookie Paper Award of existing law is modeled and establish a business studies or management of rookie Paper Award .

( 10 ) engaged with the national financial and practical aspects of ethical research , such as corporate governance , social responsibility investments.

(C) Others:

( 1 ) Program Alumni hold good or excellent selection inmates .

( 2 ) instruct Business School business plan consultant .

( 3 ) project organized by the hospital ‘s English speech contest , BOSS contest , in English Debate Competition .

( 4 ) to strengthen domestic and foreign experts and scholars organized by the English speech.

( 5 ) Strengthening Dean, Department Head , tutors and students between the network communication and contact .

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