Cultivate high-level talents in the service sector made ​​our hospital signed cooperation

To cope with cross-strait ECFA on service trade development, "open innovation", "government and academic research resources link" concept "unity learning" Christian University and Enterprise Development Institute on July 17 signed a strategic alliance to promote "service training program," co-create "jobs plan." To provide students with learning and development professionals, priority lock "circulation" and "food" Professional certification testing and teacher education.…

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Employment of college graduates large survey

HE ! Chung Yuan Christian University Private university employment rate first ! "Business Week " and the 104 Job Bank , was first published in May 2013 Taiwan 147 employment rate of university rankings, Chung Yuan Christian University ranked first private university ! In all technical universities that employment rates rise, the traditional National University is no longer a guarantee…

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Future Plans

A) Teaching focus: ( 1 ) nurturing both the breadth and depth of the middle and senior management talent : In addition to focus on the basics of the students' professional training and executive courses determined by each department , and the importance of interdisciplinary learning, especially to strengthen financial, information and legal co-ordination and learning , and hope to…

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