Employment of college graduates large survey

HE ! Chung Yuan Christian University Private university employment rate first !

“Business Week ” and the 104 Job Bank , was first published in May 2013 Taiwan 147 employment rate of university rankings, Chung Yuan Christian University ranked first private university ! In all technical universities that employment rates rise, the traditional National University is no longer a guarantee of employment , the Chung Yuan Christian University to maintain excellent performance , a symbol of our emphasis on ” learning to use one” teaching approach , much favored by business and certainly !

This copies of ” employment rate of university ranking ” survey , the Department for 2008 to 2010 , Taiwan 147 universities and more than 210,000 graduates , the statistics of these graduates in employment within six months of graduation rate , and excluding ready to test Institute and other conditions inconsistent invalid survey. In the survey results, many of the traditional elite fall out ” leading group ” to subvert the past “Corporate favorite college ” rankings impression , so aroused lively discussion.

Organizers will employment rate of high school and the low order, whichever is formed prior quarter ” leading group ” , in the sample of 147 university conditions are met , a total including the school , including 37 universities in the leading group . Statistics show that Taiwan University, the average employment rate of 64% ( within 6 months of graduation to find the first full-time jobs ) ; private schools in the employment rate of the top few universities, the medical university -based, comprehensive school for the private the first university , the employment rate was 67.26% .

In addition, our graduates not only employment rate, the average monthly salary reached 30,849 yuan , beyond the general Young people ‘s salary . The investigation also showed that the employment rate of college graduates has three qualities: a license , good English , job actively .

For this ranking results , our students and teachers also feel excited. For the student employment job search, the school continued to give care , counseling, set up in the Office of Student Affairs ‘ internship and employment counseling group , “so that when freshmen begin to understand the school career , good career planning ; leave the campus before school also arranged for the lecture , career advice and job fairs , etc., to help students successfully finding jobs.

Zhongyuan University of ” learner centered ” in mind , continued to give students the ability and basic literacy training , preparing for its future development potential required to effectively enhance employability and competitiveness. Ministry of Education, the school won the first three ” Teaching Excellence Project ,” an annual 75 million yuan , the country ‘s second-highest amount of subsidy , which is emphasized that ” all round education, with unity , international outlook ” the idea affirmed , to enhance the students’ their competitiveness and future development received a big boost !

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