Cultivate high-level talents in the service sector made ​​our hospital signed cooperation

To cope with cross-strait ECFA on service trade development, “open innovation”, “government and academic research resources link” concept “unity learning”

Christian University and Enterprise Development Institute on July 17 signed a strategic alliance to promote “service training program,” co-create “jobs plan.”

To provide students with learning and development professionals, priority lock “circulation” and “food” Professional certification testing and teacher education.

Chung Yuan Christian University and Enterprise Development Institute held its 17th “Service personnel training program,” the signing ceremony, the chairman of the hospital Hsu Chung-jen supplier development, Xu Ying, president

Zhongyuan University President Zhang Jie, proactive, Dean Valley Zhiyuan, president Liu Mile on signing; administrative Mao Chi-kuo, vice president, presidential policy

Stone Advisors were invited to attend the meeting, the two sides signed a cooperative witness.

Mao Chi-kuo , executive vice president, speech , pointed out that the main service is one of China ‘s industrial development , commercial development hospitals , and signed a memorandum of understanding , Chung Yuan Christian University

Recording , you can practice with each other to promote the exchange of experiences and academic work together to build personnel training , scientific research and cooperative learning nature , but also look forward to a portable

On the one hand is committed to promoting corporate restructuring and upgrading , to enhance the quality of service and energy management personnel , and continuously improve service processes, stimulate creativity ,

To provide customers with better service, more effectively meet the needs of people .

COMMERCIAL DEVELOPMENT hospital chairman Hsu Chung -jen said that the supplier sends the selected hospitals to establish ” service personnel training program ,” the center platform in the North Central University , because the Central Plains

University of employment and entrepreneurship process has been very clear outline of the structure , rather than just covering the special feature , combined with emerging industry trends and government

And integration of future employment market, the future commercial development of hospital cases imported interactive course , the synergies between the two must be able to more effectively enhance the talent

Volume .

Served as dean of the business was made ​​president Zhang pointed out that the University has been committed to promoting the Christian shorten the employment of graduates last mile to improve student

Jobs into the community , it is particularly aimed at students learn a second professional , industrial and social needs planning to create flexible learning courses start

System , foster interdisciplinary , diverse expertise , high-quality talent , hoping to help students plan early career , bonuses and employment competitiveness.

Valley Christian University Provost Zhiyuan said first locking promote cooperation catering and logistics personnel , Chung Yuan Christian University is expected to open the new school year “cycle

Plan “and the ” WFP ” two employment programs , elective courses provide students with the various departments , schools and businesses through Co-Teaching and arrange corporate entities

Learning after graduation , can be directly reserved. Ku De dibble pointed out that domestic services licenses are stuck in basic skills certificate , and the future commercial development

Apartments and common development “cycle permit,” and at the high end certificate ” food license” , so students can graduate employment programs directly involved in the certification and accreditation issued


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